Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm on vacation

Who says you can’t exercise while on vacation. Yesterday we had some time to kill before breakfast, so we took about a mile walk. We walked through the downtown of Hartford, WI down past the river and the falls to a nice pond area that had exercise stations. I stopped to take a few pictures but the walking would be the extent of our exercise and that was good enough. There was a nice breeze and it was enjoyable.

Breakfast was four courses … it was the first time I had eaten raspberries and blackberries but since I like the flavor in wine, candy and desserts, why not the real thing. Maybe I’ll start buying them when they are in season. Also, served was something called a German Pancake and it was yummmmy … rich and decadent. I just knew there had to be loads of calories … but, as the old adage says “We’re on vacation”. That’s perfectly true but I’m strong and even though I felt bad for our innkeepers about eating less than half of it, I was in charge. Same with the dessert … YES, dessert for breakfast, a mousse. Even being a light dessert, I only had a couple of small bites. We’ve stayed at some B&B’s lately that have done away with breakfast or it’s a minimal one of cereal and pastry and here I pick a place that has a four-course breakfast. Yes, and it’s a wonderful place and my willpower is getting stronger because deep down I really want to avoid embarrassment at the scale when I return home.

We had lunch at a cool 50’s drive-in diner. There were suppose to be carhops on roller skates but there was a sign on the door saying there wouldn’t be any over the weekend …BUMMER, but the place was cool anyway. I kept with my intention of only ordering a sandwich with no accompaniments … okay, I did steal two fries from Gary’s plate.

We went to dinner at a former old hunting lodge called Fox and Hounds. I couldn’t believe that it was buy one meal, get one free on a Saturday night. I had already looked at the menu back at the B&B and knew exactly what I wanted, the grilled pork chops. It really helps to preplan your meal if you can by looking up the restaurant’s selections on the internet or reviewing a menu before you sit down at the table like I was able to do at the B&B. More bread … pass and success was had. We left the restaurant and headed to the theatre to see “Grease”.

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