Wednesday, June 30, 2010


What's the deal with extras in food orders? Have I not realized this before or just crammed it in because it was there. My boss is very generous and insists when he has me go out and get his lunch that I also get something for myself. It sure beats the can of soup or frozen meal that I was planning on having at my desk.

This happened again yesterday. I was headed to Paradise Cafe and I had it worked into my plan to get myself soup and 1/2 sandwich. They always include cookies with all sandwiches (the extra) and George told me long ago never to give him the cookie when I came back with his lunch. Today, not only did I have two cookies but the server gave me three more because of my wait. Good thing I've got five grandchildren at my house.

But it didn't stop there. July 3 is George's birthday and I have always been responsible in putting something together for him from the staff. His favorite cookie is Peanut Butter, so Tuesday night I stopped and got two dozen P-Nut Butter Cookies. Tuesday, I had sent out an email about staff signing his b-day card and donating a quarter or two for the cookies. Yesterday when I gathered everything from the front desk where the card and change envelope were, I found that employees had been very generous and I had much more money than I expected. I decided instead of him ending up with four dozen cookies, to get him a book along with one dozen cookies and keep the other dozen to bring home. Oh, those cookies smelled good.

The family went to Texas Road House for dinner last night and I refrained from the rolls (a restaurant extra). I had the smothered chicken which was still in my plan and I felt I had a good day. When we got home I announced I had dessert and had the grandkids choose first whether they wanted a chocolate chip or p-nut butter cookie. No surprise they all choose chocolate chip. Some of the bigger kids had a cookie too but I was using my will power. But, as P-Nut Butter is also my favorite cookie and I don't get one very often after all the kids were in bed, it was just too much for me to hold back. Guess I'm not far enough into my program, so I indulged. I didn't feel bad about it and I was satisfied with just the one. It was over and done and gave me no reason to go off the deep end. I'm back on track and will adjust for the small discretion.

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