Thursday, July 8, 2010


Really had to drag myself out of bed this morning. Glad there is only one more workday this week and I get to sleep in on Saturday. It seems like a trend for me ... start dieting, feel worn out. I think it's just my body adjusting to a change. I know if I keep it up, I will start feeling better and have more energy. I'll need the energy to get on some sort of exercise routine.

I didn't weigh myself this morning but feel good about what I have done this week. There have been a few slight discretions but I have allowed enough points for those. Even so, I worry about those times when I grab a handful of cashews (yes, they're still in the house) because it shows I don't have total control. But, it could be worse; there are also chips in the house and at least there is protein in the nuts and not a lot of empty calories.

Last night I spent most of the evening searching for B&B's for our upcoming trip to Wisconsin next week. I have a very limited budget and need to stay within a certain price range. Since we're going to a touristy location, the standard prices seem to be higher. When I find something good, I find it lacks one or more amenities on our list, like a private bathroom. Or if it is perfect in every way, it's not available which is my fault because I have waited so long to book. I know those cashews were eaten last night because of frustration. Looking back what could I have done to calm that emotion? Maybe when I got to that point, I should have just stopped and got away from it for awhile? I could have set out on another task that I knew I could complete for positive reinforcement. Distractions can be good and they can renew your spirit to go back and finish the task at hand.

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