Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When we got back from Maryland last week I purposely stayed off the scales because I didn't want it to ruin my weekend away when we met some friends at a B&B.  I don't know what kind of thinking that was but at the time, it was a decision I made.  I knew I had one bad day, i.e., the pizza monster escapade and several others on the cusp and probably thought I was going to see a gain and maybe that would bring on that thinking of I already blew it ... might as well keep blowing.

Looking back over the weekend, as I mentioned yesterday I certainly wasn't up for any dieter of the year awards but I watched my portions but also enjoyed my weekend.  When I got on the scale yesterday morning it wasn't up in the next decade of numbers which was really my concern but I couldn't really remember what it has said two weeks before but I thought it was probably a gain and gave myself a pep talk of going forward.  I made it a point to write down the scale's account on the pad on my refrigerator so I would be better informed next week.

When I got to my TOPS meeting and weighed in, I was blessed with the scales being indifferent.  I had remained at the same weight, I was still in the game.  We have a contest going to see who can go the longest without a gain and I really thought I blew that opportunity to shine and remain motivated.  Like I said yesterday, I was ready to kick it up into high gear and even more so now, knowing that I don't have to play catchup with some pounds I already had kicked to the curb.  In quoting the saying ... ready, willing and able .... no denying the able part but hoping that all three will go hand in hand.

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