Thursday, January 3, 2013

Small Steps

It was hard going back to work yesterday after being off for four days.  Those four days consisted of staying at home with no travel involved which was a nice change.  It's strange that my retirement goal is to do lots of traveling and I do like to stay on the go ... but I guess you CAN get too much of a good thing.  I was able to get some things accomplished and realized there is always something to be done in the house.

As I mentioned it's my goal in 2013 to get a little more organized, so that I won't feel so overwhelmed and feel like I'm spinning my wheels or going in circles and end up stopping like I'm in a rut.  I wanted to start using a "to do" list, so that I can not only see that things are being accomplished but to know the things that need action and not forget about them until I'm in a crunch.  I did well on New Year's day accomplishing three tasks that I set for myself.  Yesterday didn't go that well but still there was still some success.  I now find I can't just keep them in my head, I have to actually write them down to check them off.  I got a cute little notebook from my Secret Santa at work that I can use. 

I stuck to planned meals yesterday so no mindless snacking.  I was tempted to ditch the frozen dinner I brought for lunch and go out and get something, but knew how important it was to stick to the original plan, just to get in the groove.  So all in all, I'm moving along in the right direction.

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Bernice said...

That's funny! I was thinking that I need to start a to do list thing also! Good for you getting back on track!! Yay!!