Friday, January 4, 2013


Yesterday wasn't any big whoop ... or ooops, either.  I guess that makes it a good day.  I did opt to go out to lunch due to having to make a bank run.  Paradise Cafe is right across the street so I had my half of a turkey cranberry sandwich and onion soup.  The soup sure tasted good with it so cold outside.  I had to walk a several blocks both ways, so maybe I burned off some extra calories shivering.  This is the place that always gives a free cookie with your meal.  It remained on my tray as I left.

I'm leaving things unchecked on my "to do" list which isn't exactly what I envisioned in this getting organized plan, but I do check off at least one or two a day and sometimes things from the day before ... so things are getting done.  Like I said yesterday, it just going to take time in getting into the groove.

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Bernice said...

It's a start!! That's what's important!