Sunday, January 6, 2013


I knew I was going to be busy yesterday.  I wanted to keep it that way not to be bored.  Gary had a knot meeting at the house and I do not have the same fascination with his hobby as he does, so I had planned to stay busy with running errands, shopping and checking things off my "to do" list.  I should have put update my blog on the list.

I was able to knock several things off the list that took some time and actually did forget about this blog, although I spent a couple of hours on our class blog since I hadn't updated it since a month after our class reunion last June.  I guess I was setting priorities.

I have leaned to a favorite place for lunch when eating out because of a certain salad they have but I was no where close to this restaurant when out doing my errands yesterday so I opted for McAllister's where I got their "pick two" of a bowl of tortilla soup and a 1/2 cheese and bacon baked pototato.  It's on my plan and worked with the bowl of chili and sandwich I had from Gary's lunch leftovers which I had for dinner.

I'm still having a little trouble with the tools I know that will help me on MFP.  I can't seem to get my food logged in on the same day I eat it and now I'm off a day with my blog but I DO feel like I in a better place than I was last month.  The best thing is that I will have my first weigh in of the year at TOPS tomorrow which will really be a starting point.

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