Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We are deep in winter ....although I do remember years ago it being colder.  I think we've just got fooled the last couple of years with mild winters.  No matter, I'm not dealing well with it.  I'm very lethargic just wanting to climb under the covers.  I have no energy.  Maybe it has to do with the season.  I'm not depressed just blah.  All of that usually goes hand in hand with overeating trying to make yourself feel better with empty calories that contains sugar and carbs.  I'm fighting that.  I guess I've been at it long enough to have the knowledge and a little bit of will power to hang in there.  Nothing going on just need to address the emotions today.  


NAN said...

I'm hungry now and eating the first of the Florida strawberries. They look pretty and are making me happy! My lunch is cooking- a chicken breast pounded thin with stuffed with light cream cheese and seasonings. I decided to have dessert first. Look at some gardening catalogs or home magazines to get in the warmer frame of mind.

NAN said...

Oh the meatless thing is for Lent. I really want to make a sacrifice this year! One grandson is giving up all fast food and the other hasn't decided yet. I wish I was a picky eater- there is very little I won't eat if it's homemade and the few times I eat out I always order something I would never make at home. My sis just made some fish tacos with tilapia- I have never made them and think I might try them next week.