Thursday, January 10, 2013


I didn't post yesterday.  Not my plan, but things happen.  Yesterday wasn't a good day from the beginning.  I felt rushed and the mood must have been set from the time my feet hit the floor and I couldn't shake it.  I had planned on working yesterday and then we were going to leave for Maryland when I got off work.  Then, it was that I was going to work until noon, Gary would pick me up and then we'd head to ... to, I took any extra day of vacation and we could leave whenever we got ready.  Well Gary had another night where he didn't sleep well and was up early which meant he was ready to go before I even got up.  I can't do things well when I'm rushed. 

I had worked on my class blog Tuesday night trying to get it updated before we left which meant no packing got done until yesterday morning.  I'm glad that my goal of getting organized this year paid off that clothes were washed and ironed and hanging in the closet just waiting to be thrown into a suitcase.  I did well with my meals on Tuesday ... only having soup and salad for dinner when I was eyeing Gary's choice of Country Fried Steak on the menu but went with my first choice.  Yesterday, how'd I do ... not so well with eating on the road and my mood being ... well, moody.  Without a computer, I also didn't getting anything logged in because of lack of effort or a difficult factor in maniputing data in my new phone.  Whatever the excuse, things didn't happen according to plan.

We're now here and I'm hoping I can turn things around and act like it's just any other day.

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