Friday, January 18, 2013


I really feel that I am back in the groove and I AM watching my calorie intake and with the choices I have not taking the high road or low road or whatever is the road you shouldn't be taking but ... and I know my problem is eating out too much ... but again BUT, that is my lifestyle and I guess I'm not willing to change that now by sitting watching other people eat or ordering something I'm not going to eat.  It's just hard for me to believe that a couple items on a plate can add up to 1200 calories.  Things like salads and ONE sandwich.  I believe in calories in and calories out and burning calories, so I'm not trying to fool myself.  I guess I'll just have to try harder.

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NAN said...

It's hard- you eat out several times a week and I love to bake! I just have to give my stuff away and really try to not nibble on it at all. Those nibbles add up too. I am making sourdough bread tomorrow- I made a starter and now am on the first rise and unfortunately it will not be ready to take to church tomorrow. I am thinking I can freeze it or take to my clients group home Monday. Monday is no holiday for me!