Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Got up yesterday not ready to start off a new work week after having four days at home ... and what seemed to be four productive days. But to do the things we want to do, a paycheck helps. The two people that I support are both gone this week, so that makes it even tougher but it'll be a short week for me ... so deal with it ... Sheilah. 

I've been on a somewhat high because of getting organized and just the ability to have a "do over" in the new year and being able to get back on track. The mood started to falter after finding out that an airline reservation for my boss was booked on the wrong day. I don't know if it was my mistake, the travel agency's mistake or my boss gave me the wrong date ... but it was a screw up at anyone's hands and my emotions took the responsibility. Sometimes things can be rectified but the bad thing here was that on the day he needed to travel, there weren't any seats available in the class he wanted to be in. When I informed him, he was upset but a lot less than I thought and he didn't put blame on anyone, he just wanted to get it fixed. I stewed about it most of the day. When talking to Gary, he said don't sweat the small things ... but it seems like nothing is small to me, especially if it affects someone else. 

BUT ... good news, I weighed in last night with a two pound loss. That did increase my spirits while still wondering how I pulled that off. I was so out of it over the holidays. Not to the point of giving up but I did lose focus and didn't blog like I intended and was pretty frazzled and in a weaken state when tempted. But, no need to look back ... I lost and it's time to move forward.


The Fat Farm Girl said...

Congrats on the weight loss! :)

NAN said...

YAY for the weight loss! I found I had lost a little more but I have really been eating very little and now will be lucky to lose 2 a week. I finally have the pantry pretty free of carbs- no more crackers or cereal.