Sunday, January 13, 2013


We had a challenge going yesterday and I won.  I was the last one up.  My grandson, Evan, said he was going to give me a run for my money but ended up third.  The girls rule ... yeah!   It's a fun time with the grandkids. 

Yesterday was more on target.  In fact, it was under target.  We went to Jersey Mike's for lunch which is a sub place that in my opinion is better than Subway.  Subway was getting to the point where the bread was like carboard with very little meat.  The place was packed but a table opened up just as we got in the door and the kids camped out there while we stood in line.  I had written their orders down and the kid behind the counter was a good jokester.  Brandon wanted a chicken caesar wrap and when I made that order, the clerk asks what name ... I guess I was spacey because I thought he was wanting me to give the wrap a name.  Like cluck, cluck or Chicken Little maybe ... oh, you mean the name on the order to bring it out to the table. HAAAAA HAAAA.

We decided to stay in for dinner and grandpa went to the store with a list.  I thought he was going to fix dinner, like at home ... but I ended up in the kitchen which felt great.  I enjoy cooking for more than two people and cooking for your grandkids is the best.  We had soft tacos which the kids liked, but I'm not a fan, so that kept me in check.

While I'm not getting any formal exercise, going up and down three flights of stairs is doing it for me.  Hope Sunday today goes as well.

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