Monday, January 14, 2013


Not much happened yesterday.  I guess that's why the late post.  I think I was the last one up again ... can't remember.  Guess the kids realize I need my beauty sleep.

We had lunch in ... hot dogs.  I probably should have just had one and skipped the buns but didn't.  I did skip the mac n cheese so that was something.  The kids wanted a snack later in the day and I found oreos on the table.  What do they say about ... I bet you can't eat just one.  Well, I had two out of the package as I was putting them away but Katherine said ... Grammie, can I have an oreo so of course I ended up with just one.  Looking back I should have given them both to her.  I hadn't had an oreo in ages and forgot how addictive they can be.  I kept wanting to pull them out of the cabinet the rest of the afternoon and I didn't forget where they were in the evening either ... but I refrained.

We went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner where I saw a lot of things I'd like to have on the menu but here in Maryland the calorie count is also on the menu, so I ended up with a BBQ chicken breast and salad bar.  I didn't have that many calories left anyway after my high calorie lunch ... so, in retrospect, I think I did okay.

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NAN said...

So you and Gary are babysitting! I promised my daughter next summer I'd do cooking classes for Mason and Jude. They seem a lot more interested than my youngest daughter- she hates to cook and also, doesn't care much about food- no foodie with that one. I bet knowing you, when you get back home you'll be down a few pounds. I always gain when I go away. I think it's because someone else who I trust is cooking for me!