Monday, October 18, 2010

Uncomfortable Feeling

I took today as another personal day. We left yesterday after church for Southern Indiana. I will be weighing tonight but I will be going in blind as I'll have no scales available to step on before my meeting.. I usually have an idea where I am and for weeks it seems like it has been too close to call but at least I had some idea and would hope for the best or gripe about the Joker. Why does tonight make any difference. Maybe it has something to do with preparing myself for somthing I don't want to see. Maybe it has to do with how much or how little effort I put forth to push through to see the scale read in my favor. I wasn't going to eat breakfast to help me from packing any extra ounces and what will I do about lunch? This is suppose to be a fun and relaxing day not a day of second guessing and stress. There is always tomorrow to start off and play catch up. I've done it before and was right back on course. Things come up and you still have to live your life and be happy. I'm still hoping to see anything but a gain tonight but for now it's time to enjoy and not make life more complicated.


NAN said...

You are so right about playing gaes with the scale. I remember starving myself the day before I'd go to Weight Watchers and then coming home and eating way too much...also, i would tell myself I didn't have to weigh in- that no one was forcing me to do it. Thankfully, I really am serious now. I'm not sure what made me wake up- maybe my age!!

mensa said...

Thanks for your support, Nan. I've had a very rough day.

NAN said...

I hope you're feeling better today and that your weigh in was good! Just going every week is a NSV too.