Saturday, October 23, 2010

Anything Is Worth A Try

A couple of years ago right after the decline in the economy, the company I work for was no different than any other company in that they were trimming their budget. They suggested a voluntary hour reduction among the staff to help save jobs. One of the positions that were up for elimination was the person I supervise, so I had a personal interest. I could only afford to reduce my pay by four hours a week and I thought once I went to the trouble of getting up, getting ready and making it to the office, I might as well stay there. In my opinion, only working a half day would be such a waste, but I decided to give it a go. So many times we think things won’t work or we won’t like something, so we don’t even try. I’m glad I tried. I love my Friday afternoons off. I can’t believe what I can accomplish in those four hours if I try and it ends up giving me a little more leisure time for the weekend if I need it. It took a little adjustment but it’s worth it. Just like this change in lifestyle I’m walking through now with my weight.

I did another walk-in class at Zumba yesterday. I’m still lost at some of the steps with the unfamiliar music selections but I’m still moving and still sweating so I know it’s beneficial. It was a bit different yesterday though. About half way through the class, I felt very light headed, and a little dizzy. I didn’t know what to do. My first thought was to quit and I turned around and walked away. Then something in me wouldn’t let me do that. I got a drink of water and went back. I don’t know if that was wise or not. I continued but at times had to stop and take a minute or two until the sensation passed. I was fine after class. I guess I need to ask my Zumba Officiato if I need to eat some protein or carbs or whatever … right before the class. I had a good lunch with protein and veggies but maybe I needed more or maybe I needed more water???

Last night we went to a high school football and since we went there immediately after my class we didn’t eat dinner until very late. Is that really a bad thing or is it an old wives tale. I tried to stay up for a little while before going to bed but all I did was sit in a chair until I made my way upstairs. I just wasn’t into doing jumping jacks or sit-ups at 10:00, but maybe I should have. A guy in the stands next to us had on an interesting T-Shirt. The message was something to think about.


NAN said...

I think it is an old wife's tale about not eating dinner late at night- now if you have already eaten, snacking isn't good- that's just common sense LOL. I usually close my kitchen before 6 PM but I like an earlier dinner. As for the lightheadedness, I don't exercise except for walking so can't say. My husband loved his company's summer hours- they would close early Fridays. Nothing like getting a head start on the weekend.
Here's something I discovered- I was pretty much always a stay at home mom so never really appreciated the weekend! Now even though I just work part-time and have flexibility, I savor weekends! My perspective sure changed.
You must live in the town where you graduated from high school- I haven't lived in mine since I graduated from college. We had a reunion this summer but I had to miss it because of my state training- my cousin went though and sent me pics...

Carol said...

I too make it a point to eat earlier but sometimes "life" gets in the way and we have to allow some flexibility. I get so rigid and caught up in my routine and sometimes freak out when I hit a detour and have to remind myself I need to lighten up (literally!!).