Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trying to Figure It Out

Yesterday went pretty well. I conveniently forgot to bring anything for lunch and I had already used my back-up plan earlier in the week and hadn't replaced it, so I headed to the mall and Subway for lunch. I thought that would be my best option. It seems like here lately that I have been eating lunch out on the average of once a week and still doing okay.

Gary tried a new recipe for dinner and it was really, really, REAlLY good. It was a salsbury steak, and the sauce was wonderful. He made it with lean ground beef. It could have fewer calories if made with ground turkey or ground sirloin. As always, I kept my portion small and ate off a salad plate to trick my brain because my plate looked pretty covered. I was fine with my portion and satisfied. HOWEVER, while watching TV, I kept thinking how good dinner was and my head was filled with thoughts of what else is there to eat. Could it be time for a snack? I wondered why? When you have something satisfying is there some brain mechanism or chemical that makes you want to continue to eat that is different when you eat something that's not all that great but filling? As time passed, the sensation wasn't as strong and I didn't cave.

My only disappointment yesterday wasn't that I didn't walk. I intended to when I got home but got distracted and before I knew it the window of opportunity was gone because it was getting dark. That's one downside of this beautiful autumn season. I'm having second thoughts about that goal ranging I wrote about. It's too easy to go for the low side. It's almost as bad as giving up when you don't reach the ultimate goal.

Until the next time, choose wisely and go for the gold.


Ann (-17 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

There is, indeed, a brain mechanism at work. When we eat something particularly satisfying, it often releases saratonin and other chemicals. It is the body's way of getting you to "do it again" ... The body doesn't know you are on a diet. LOL

Oh, I had a BIG scare for a second. My "word verification" was ...


Whew! A Seinfeld episode popped into my head. LOL

NAN said...

Aha a husband who cooks- cool. My BIL and soninlaw both do the cooking but mt DH only made chili and sloppy joe. He could clean a stove very well though! I am starting to get a wee bit bored with low carbing but I can't give up now. I know from experience low fat just doesn't do it for me and I hate counting points or calories haha. Guess I want to be 150 pounds without the work...I know some bloggers claim dieting is easy; yeah, right! You are doing great, Mensa!

Bernice said...

Sheilah, You are doing so good! I wish I could be as strong as you are right now! Sorry I kind of dropped of the radar this week! I'm still here! HANGING IN THERE! I will come back from this I'm not giving up! Thank you for being so strong! I need people like you to help me get through it.