Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dress the Part

I have worked in an office most of my adult life. I have always dressed in business attire rather than casually. We do have casual day on the first Friday of the month and I also choose wisely on that day. I learned my lesson several years back when I choose to wear a cartoon character denim shirt and I was called in to notarize documents for a closing with our executives, as well as several bankers. I felt really out of place. I believe in the slogan "Dress for Success".

More now than ever, I think I should carry that philosophy into my personal life. They say that when you look good, you feel good. You have confidence and feel positive about yourself. I think sometimes we get too comfortable in our old clothes that we wore when we started out on this journey? Maybe I need to wear something a little more fashionable rather than sloppy sweats when I go grocery shopping , to a movie or out to eat. Would I feel better and hold my head higher? I know clothes are expensive and we go through transition sizes during our journey. What can we do? Perhaps there are clothes in the closet that are too small that I need to try on. I tried a resale shop a couple of weeks ago and the prices weren't too bad. Maybe I can suggest a clothing exchange at my TOPS meeting or is that going a bit too far? I think I need to take more time looking at my options of what I do have and how to make it a little more dressy. Maybe more accessories like jewelry or scarfs that could make an outfit pop? We all should remember that we're worth the time and effort it takes to make ourselves look as good as we can during our transformation. When wearing dark colors, I think it's wise to add a splash of color close to the face. Have you heard the expression “... she has such a pretty face”. All this talk about clothes that fit and are clean and well maintained go for guys too. Yes, there’s a place for those sweats and T-Shirts. One good place is the gym, or when you're spending time at home … but I think it's important to make yourself feel good when you’re out and about and dress the part of a confident person. I know this is just my opinion. Am I in the minority thinking this way?


I'm My Favorite said...

I totally agree with you. New clothes that fit your changing body do give you a confidence boost. I'm like you and have a hard time spending money on myself. You know that I love getting clothes at Goodwill. You have to have the time and patience to shop there but you can find great things. I especially love finding $45 dollar Lane Bryant pants there for $3. And it helps a good cause while helping my pocketbook.

Mind Over Fatter said...

I like you're ideas, good post, thanks!

NAN said...

I'm assuming that is a picture of you- you look great! I hate photos but I'm hoping when my kids are here Christmas, I'll let them take a few! I have never cared much for clothes but I love cosmetics and Sephora. My dear mother was quite a clotheshorse, overweight and all, but that gene seemed to miss my sisters and myself. My girls have it though- they love the trendy and $$ Anthropologie. You are so right about professionalism though- that casual atmosphere seems to be prevalent and not necessarily positive IMO. I love a man in a suit/sports coat too LOL. DH wore one everyday but the last few years of his life, they too had casual Fridays- no jeans though back then.

Kim Summers said...

Interestingly, last week I bought clothes that fit rather than still wearing my baggy old clothes, and it was the first time people noticed my 30+ pound loss. I had at least four people comment to me about how good I was looking even in workout clothes that fit. Definitely worth the time, effort and a little money.

Bernice said...

You are so right and so smart! I agree I think you do feel better and look better when you have clothes that fit. It also keep you motivated to keep up with your goals! I haven't bought any new clothes yet either. I do have some clothes that I used to wear when I was smaller. When your on a tight budget you hate to buy in-between clothes it seems like such a waste when you have no intention of wearing them too long. But do we deserve it heck yeah!

TinaM said...

I don't think your in the minority.
For me comfort is more important, but I don't work in an office either! It all depends on the life style I guess.
I feel best in my favorite sweat pants :) But there will be a time (soon!) when they are to big.
I don't have money for new clothes right now, but I could check out the goodwill. That is a great idea, and I don't know why I don't think of it!!!

Thanks for sharing the pic with us! You look great!

SkippyMom said...

I feel this way about shoes. They make me happy and confident. Don't know why. Just love them.

Goodwill is awesome. I was mentioning today how my daughter bought her prom dress from there for 8.98 - it cost more to dry clean! lol

Your pic' is fabulous. Very nice!