Friday, October 22, 2010

I've Got A Couple of Questions

Earlier in the week when I had my meltdown, Stephanie got me thinking about a lot of things. Some were questions I had to answer to keep myself on this journey and others just bought to mind some things that have happened over the years.

She talked about when she went to TOPS with me when she was in 8th grade and how she wouldn't eat lunch on Mondays because that was weigh-in day. Where did she get that kind of thinking ... from me of course. That was my method and who did I learn that from ... would you believe, my mother, maybe? Right before I joined TOPS when I was first married, my mother was successful with her weight loss, so why not do what she did, huh? I remember with my mom, we would weigh in and since we had about 45 minutes before the meeting started, we would go to a cafeteria that was close-by for dinner, which on more occasions than none, including a piece of pie or some kind of dessert. That as Stephanie put it, seems so "ridiculous" now, but back then it was just the way it was and maybe it even worked. Guess I never really thought about ... if I just ate the same kind of meals and that plural meals on Monday that week after week the end result would be the same if I was consistent with the rest of the week, it really wouldn't have any bearing on the overall picture ... I would only be kidding myself if I fasted because I ate half a pizza the night before. That half a pizza is eventually going to show up. The same with gripping about my weigh-ins being on Monday. Does the day really make any difference? No matter where you start, it's always seven days apart. Yes, I normally eat more on the weekend because of group activities but because of what I choose to do earlier in the week with maybe more exercise on the weekend, it should balance out ... right? Guess I've learned over the years there might be a better way because I now have both breakfast and lunch on Monday. I still eat out after I weigh in at TOPS, but it's after the meeting with some other members and part of the reason is because I come straight from work and our meeting isn't over until 7:30 p.m. and I still have a 30-40 drive from there. I figure I still have to learn to eat in a social setting and I always eat the way I would if it were any other day of the week.

So ... I'm just wondering if anyone reading this gives themselves an "off" day ... perhaps the day after their weekly weigh-in. Be honest? If it works into your plan, it works into your plan. I'm also wondering if you have any consistency in meals during the week like Monday is meatloaf night, Tuesday is Tuna Casserole night, etc. I find myself now taking my lunch and it consisting of a "Smart Ones" frozen dinner. It's easy, convenient and I'm satisfied knowing I only have to wait a few hours until I'll have something delish for dinner. When I find myself wanting to wander out for lunch, though, I know it's time to switch to leftovers, or a sandwich. We always have to be in touch with ourselves, right?

Have a great weekend!


Ann (-20 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Good questions, Sheilah!

I am not consistent with what I eat/days of the week. I suppose, subconsciously, I want to be as flexible as possible. Before trying to lose weight, I wasn't regimented on my eating plan either. I think that is just personal preference.

As for the "day off" - never. I never (ever) allow myself a day off. In the past, this has spelled disaster to my previous diets. So, I am not going to undermine my efforts that way. For me, it either leads to longer "breaks" (more poor choices), or quitting altogether. I've worked so hard, I'm not going to waste this effort.

I figure I just spend 20-25 years indulging myself, so this is the price I now have to pay for that. No free days for me!

I'm not perfect, but I simply can't afford to give myself that kind of wiggle room. At the very least, it elongates this journey, which is already long enough.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Ann regarding the "day off". For a long time I would take the remainder of my weigh-in day "off". Problem is the scale is up the next day and it takes another day (or longer) to just get back to where I was on weigh-in day. No wonder it's taking forever for me to lose weight. I spend too much time just losing and re-losing the same 2-3 lbs every week. Duh....