Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good News, Bad News, I Don't Think I Care Anymore

Last night was my TOPS meeting and weigh-in night. Again, I left home for work yesterday morning thinking I had a loss. I weighed myself again before I left the office still thinking I had a loss. Sometimes weighing on three different scales, you get confused (I am only this obsessive on weigh-in day). I have my weight written down for my "official" weights but at home and work I can never remember exactly what they said from the week before when it's so close and all three are different. Anway, at TOPS when the weight didn't move on the scale, as I stepped on, I knew I was home free. I had lost another 1 1/2# ... that oh familiar number that seems to appear the majority of the time .... YEAH for me! 1 1/2# has been the most I have lost in a week with the exception of the weigh-in after I started blogging in June when I lost 3# or when I went two weeks between weigh-ins because of being out of town.

That's where the "I don't think I care anymore" comes in. I used to get upset that my numbers weren't huge, especially following others that were losing much more, on a weekly basis. It also bothered me when I'd go to my TOPS meeting (where the person losing the most gets recognized) and thinking I did good ... but there was always someone that did better. It was the "Always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride" syndrome. Last night after coming in third, it hit me ... so what, I'm still doing this. I'm still losing. I've hit two goals that I really hadn't even mapped out. I've lost 10% of my highest bodyweight which I've read is very important to you body's wellbeing and future health and I also have lost that first 25#. Just like being individuals on different plans because no one plan works for everyone, losing week by week is pretty much a personal thing too. They say that goals are important and you should set specific goals not just vague ones like ... I want to lose weight. However, you've got to do what's best for you so my only goal is to lose a pound. Not a pound a week but to lose a pound ... the next pound. Right now, because of 1 1/2#'s being a consistent number, it may seem like it is a pound a week, but I'm just fighting for the next pound off and if that happens in one week with a half pound tagged on, that's great; but if it takes two weeks it shouldn't make a difference, it's eventually going to be another pound gone. One day I'm going to have my big day just like the "Bride" and I'll walk proudly in a stunning dress and there WILL be eyes on me, if only my own looking in a mirror.

Oh, you ask what the "Bad News" is ... looks like they may not be offering Zumba at my office anymore. This last session ended up with three people. In the past it's only been open to employees and now they're going to let friends and family participate but if the employee isn't going why would friends and family show up without them. I'll check out our community center ... but in the past only the early Saturday morning class has had room, but we'll see what happens.


Ann (-15 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Congratulations on kicking another 1.5 lbs to the curb!!

Did you know, a human being is only capable of EVER losing a maximum 1% of their body weight in fat per week? It is true.

Anything higher loss (above 1%) is likely loss of fluid, or muscle, etc. So, using that figure, the most fat you could lose in a week is 1.8 lbs. You are pretty much maximizing your fat loss at 1.5 lbs/week right now.

I can lose 2.76 in fat per week - max. I lost 3 lbs this past week. The quarter pound extra is likely fluid, but the weekly FAT loss can only be 2.76 lbs.

Our weight losses will decrease as we continue to lose weight. For instance, at 200 lbs, I can only lose 2 lbs of fat per week.

You are doing a terrific job! Keep doing what has been working for you so far. The steady progress will get you to your goals before you know it. xx

Just Me said...

Whew, I'm glad the bad news wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Hope you can find Zumba elsewhere. I really need to pick up a DVD and try it at home.

I love your I don't care anymore attitude. I think it can be deflating for others when "the biggest loser" (no pun intended) is recognized. Everyone loses differently and, after all, this is a battle you are in yourself. The important thing is not only losing it, but keeping it off and with your attitude I think you will keep it off. Delay Gratification, baby!

Congrats on the lose and I really like your posts. You're a smart chickie.

NAN said...

Good news for sure about the weight loss! Don't give up on your zumba yet- I am so uncoordinated a dance class isn't for me. Years ago I did a few exercise classes but I would have trouble now getting on and off the floor haha. I can WALK though so not complaining and the knees are pretty good now. Today I'm baking some low carb foods and trying to 'change up' my bland diet....

Karyn said...

You're doing a great job and you're losing at a nice steady pace. And Ann has some really interesting info in her comment. Sorry about the Zumba class...maybe the employees will jump in now that they hear it might go away. Or can you do the class with Stephanie? Or doesn't that schedule work out for you?

Kim Summers said...

Congrats Sheilah! You're doing great!

Kim Summers said...

Congrats Sheilah! You're doing great.

TinaM said...

Great post.
You're so right, everyone is different! Keep your eyes on that next pound, that's what matters!