Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Much Ado About Nothng

I got out of bed yesterday morning tired and noticed the sheets were pulled away from the mattress. I guess I had a fitful night of sleeping. No matter, it was going to be a good day because I said it was going to be. No outside factors rule ... I rule. Pulling out of the driveway on the way to work I recalled that my tank was empty and I needed to stop for gas. Gas seems to be all over the board as far as prices go and I choose to stop at the station closest to the house. As I got closer to downtown I found I made the right decision. Of course, I did ... it was going to be a good day.

I got to work and discovered an email from a friend that I hadn't seen in awhile. Usually I'm the one that initiates getting together but this time she suggested it. What a nice surprise. Of course! It was going to be a good day.

The next email I read was about our Zumba class, offered at work. I wrote last week that because of low turnout, they didn't start the next session last week and there was a chance it may be eliminated. But then on Friday, I was told we did have enough participants and we'd be having a class. I was ready. I needed it. It was going to be a good day right ... maybe, but Zumba was canceled. I believe the instructor has another gig. The company is not giving up, they're looking for another Zumba leader. I thought I'll just go to the gym when I get home from work and ride the bike and walk the treadmill. Maybe I'll even get on the elliptical after reading Stephanie's post. It's going to be a good day ... right?

Moving on. Yesterday we had a health fair at work. The company paid for flu shots that were being given as part of the event. There were also vendors from different agencies. One of the stations was a Wii Fit. They were doing the basic assessment, using the balance board showing your BMI, point of center, balance and Wii Fit Age. The gal in front of me is two months older than I and was determined to be 20 years younger, so I was excited to see MY final number. I knew that I was going to show overweight, so that didn't bother me. I was really surprised that my point of center (guess it's your posture and that you don't lean one way or the other) was almost right on. I was feeling pretty good. Of course, I was, it was a good day. Then I was suppose to stand on one leg to rate my balance and I guess I stepped off and the assessment was over and my WiiFit age was 74 ... SEVENTY FOUR. My birthday is next month and I'll be 61 and I have always felt I never looked or acted my age. SEVENTY FOUR ... is it still a good day???? As I was leaving, they had a station where you could spin the wheel for a prize if you did what it landed on. My challenge was to hula hoop for 30 seconds. Of course I could do that ... I'm just a youngin'

But, I was still reeling over the WII. I need to go out and buy one of those to show it a thing or two. Instead I went out and walked on my lunch hour. I think it helped. The day started to look a little brighter. Important things hadn't changed. I had my "Smart One" for lunch and I did end up at the gym. While there I found out that there is a Zumba class Friday afternoon I can get into. All's well in my world except for some number I don't care to discuss.


Debbie said...

You had a great day.. I love Zumba.. Hey if the can not find an instructor get them to just get a big TV it is pretty easy on your own. Have a great day...

Karyn said...

Hey, don't sweat it! You're as young as you feel!! And you sure as heck don't even look 61!!

Someday I'm gonna check out this Zumba thing...25 more lbs. off my knees and I may just give it a go!