Thursday, October 21, 2010

One of Those Days

Yesterday was a normal day and I think we all could use more of those. I got up at the same time and went through the same routine until I got to the office. Things continue to be slow at work which makes for a long day.

I didn't waver from my plans to have the lunch I intended. I did do something a little different after I ate though and that was to head to the mall and do a little walking. I would have taken my walk outdoors but it was a little nippy and I didn't wear a coat to work, thinking I wouldn't need one. The mall is only a block away and I thought I could walk that distance without much discomfort. I hate being cold.

On the drive home from work, I thought about going to the gym but got too comfortable in front of the TV once I got home. Gary had made chili and it smelled wonderful as I walked in the door but it was a little too early for dinner. I think it's good practice for me to not pounce on food just cause it's there. I felt I overindulged with two bowls since I have been keeping my portions to one but it still worked into my plan as I had a "Smart Ones" for lunch keeping the points down. I also had an ice cream bar after dinner. It wasn't my usual one point fudgie as Gary had grabbed the wrong package while he was at the grocery. I guess I felt two more points wasn't awful, so I ate it anyway. I found though after eating it, I really wanted another one. I refrained but did end up picking up three dark chocolate kisses as I passed the candy dish later.

I fell asleep while Survivor was on and woke up a couple of hours later. I really felt like I was drugged. Was is the lack of activity, the extra bowl of chili, the chocolate, just having a lazy evening? I don't know ... I'll just chalk it up one of those days when you win some and you lose some. It wasn't all that bad ... it could have been better and tomorrow is a brand new day.

Something that did put a smile on my face (and we need more of those) was something that a fellow blogger (and now friend) put on her blog. It's 45 lessons you can learn. Check it out at on Bernice's Final Destination Healthy site


Bernice said...

Thanks Sheilah,

For the rope! haha! I really needed that! You are the best!

Ann (-20 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Good job, getting the mall walk in there, Sheilah

I'm going to keep that in mind. I don't live near a mall, but in the dead of winter, there is the place I'll go to for walking. The mall is about 35 minutes from here.

I might even take STAIRS. LOL

I know, I know ... just going crazy there.

Keep up the good work! You handled the temptations well, to keep them within points too.

NAN said...

For over 6 years I walked 5 mornings at our little local mall and never lost a pound heehee but it was good for me. I walked with some seniors who were very fit and then slowly we all dropped out. I should go back! I enjoyed Bernice's list- I have seen bits and pieces of that before. I'm just grateful I am still motivated and losing weight- it's actually been almost 2 months.

NAN said...

PS is your husband retired? I'm such an anomaly starting a career at age 62. I am waiting for my Medicaid number before I can officially be on the payroll as a case worker.