Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home, home on the "Range"

Every week I can’t wait until the weekend arrives because I have a lot I want to accomplish with regard to household stuff. This weekend was no different. It’s now 4:30 and the only two things that are done are laundry and my walk. I don’t know where I get sidetracked. Maybe I would do better if I managed my time with a “to do” list. A “to do” list is kind of like goal setting but I feel I make that way too complicated, so I don’t know if that would be helpful or not.

I mentioned last week about Walktober. In this program you set a goal on how many days you’re going to walk in the month. I went with the preset goal of 20 days. I have been doing pretty well. After walking in the rain last Saturday, I even thought there was no excuse not to walk EVERY day. Although I didn’t change anything on the webpage where the tracking is done, I was determined I would have 31 leaves meaning I walked every single day. Thursday when we were on our little adventure and because of the shoe debacle that goal was busted. Has that stopped me from walking … no, but it has got me thinking about goals.

Although I’m trying to steer away from the all or nothing type of thinking, if you don’t reach a goal, you don’t reach a goal. Maybe I would do better if I have a plan that has a range. A high side and a low side. Like with the walk. The low side is 20 days and the high side would be 31 (the entire month). If I reach anything in between I should feel I have succeeded. If I reach the ultimate, I can consider myself SUPERWOMAN. Same with those weight goals. A minimum and a maximum amount to lose in a certain period of time, a range of 10 - 45 days, instead of something every week, even if you weighing every week. It could even be done with a range of. 32 oz of water or 64 oz. in setting the amount of water you strive to drink in a day. What cha think? Am I overcomplicating things again? Should I just go out and "DO IT" the best I can with no goal in mind?


NAN said...

I think it depends on you! I have never been real goal oriented dbut I'm trying now with weight and exercise. As for other things, I make my lists- Womans Day magazine had a '10 weeks until Christmas and how to plan for a stress free holiday article and I am trying to follow their plan. My goal ( if you want to call it that) is to have everything done so I can fully enjoy my 2 out of state kids visits and not be GRUMPY heehee. I am asking everyone in my family for favorite foods and those will be served sometime that week. I also will be giving cash if no one has gift ideas and I want to weigh 20 pounds less- guess that is a long term goal!

Mind Over Fatter said...

I find I am doing well with the goal setting and it's actually got me engage much more than past attempts. I find the goals help me stay focused as they are always in the back of my mind. That being said you have to choose the right goals for you and ones that are achievable "with effort", meaning there has to be a stretch or challenge to it.

One element of these blogs I have found so useful is how creative people are at selecting and setting up their goals, it has help me alot.

Along with the goals you need a plan, this is where the achievable comes into play. For me this means a food plan, a tracking journal and an exercise routine... you can see more on my blog for any ideas or send me an email... cheers

TinaM said...

I would say JUST DO IT, but I happened to be pretty obsessed with numbers lol. So your plan sounds good to me.
Try it out, and if it isn't having the desired effects, then ditch it and try something else :)