Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Good Weekend Overall

I’ve been trying to catch up on the blogs I missed when I was away from the computer but it hasn’t been easy. The short posts I can get through pretty easy but the longer ones I’m just scanning to pick up a specific mention of weight-related items or tips here and there.

Yesterday I got on the scale and didn’t see what I was hoping for. I just for ONCE wish I would get on the scale earlier in the week, go down a couple of pounds and then just stay there. I’m giving that fluctuation part of the scale the name “The Joker”.

I knew that Friday I had salad at lunch and rice at dinner and both have the tendency to make me hold water so I thought this morning’s number on the scale was more accurate and one that I hope stays there for tomorrow’s weigh-in. It’s tough weighing on Monday because of the fluid retention that may be a factor. I really have to watch it over the weekend (which could be a good thing). I would love to have a salad with dinner if we would happen to go out on Sunday night, but I know I can’t chance it.

I was surprised how warm it was yesterday when I went out for my walk. I wore warm-ups and a long sleeve shirt and I was a little sweaty when I got home after an hour, so I felt I got a good work-out. I think I’ll wait until evening tonight to walk today as we’re suppose to set another high record in the high 80’s.

We were subs at some friend’s Euchre Club last night and I was concerned about how I would handle all the food I knew would be available. No problem … no one was pushing food, it was just there in the kitchen to help yourself and I managed to just enjoy playing cards and drinking my water, even though the cards in my hand were horrible. I thought for sure I’d have the low score but hubby beat me having 6 less points. Our hostess goes all out for the Halloween season, she and her husband were married on Halloween. Here’s how she greeted us. I used my phone camera and it didn’t turn out all that well, but you can still get the idea.


Jess(ica) said...

I hope the scale treats you nicely for your WI tomorrow, sounds like you had a good time playing cards though! Love her outfit.

Ann (-15 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

I was away from Blogland for a few days, and feel your pain. It is hard to catch up! I never really did, just tried the best I could.

I am going to use "The Joker" idea too. I wish I thought of that when I hit the plateau in September. Grrrrrrrrr ...

But, we get past it.

Try some oatmeal for breakfast on Sunday/Monday mornings. That has a tendency to flush out the system. Maybe it will help the scale on Monday?

You have gotten to know your body well, and how it responds to dietary intake. Great job! Here is hoping the scale is your friend at the next weigh-in! xx

NAN said...

You have so much fun! DH and I used to play euchre when we lived in the Midwest; we also liked pinochle and of course, lots of alcohol and snacking went on. I had a good weekend food-wise myself and weighed this morning (jammies on too) and the number is GOOD. I will wait until Wednesday to get all excited though hee.