Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday started out pretty good and didn't end of too bad. Another old thing I was doing but had to start again was drinking more water. I'm still having a problem with it but trying to incorporate it into a daily routine by having a glass on my desk at work.

I'm still fighting through the dialogue in my head. The voices that say I want a snack and I want it now or why not just this one time? What sounds good to eat vs. what is good to eat. I know I want to lose and I know how to do it but just how badly or how urgent is that desire is what I need to clarify.

It's still early in this chapter after picking up this book again after it's been sitting on the shelf and I've got to be patient. I know it will come, it always does if I give myself enough time. I've just got to work through the boredom, the doubt and the reality of it all.

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