Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Deed is Done

I got on the scales this morning, finally. I have a guide now where I'm headed. It could have been worse but it doesn't matter because I am finally determined to make it better. Yesterday was a good day. I ate what I had planned to and that didn't include any impromptu snacking or going back for seconds. I ate dinner on the smaller salad plate and was satisfied. I don't remember any regrets or feeling of deprivation or drumming up any excuses. It was a good day. Just like putting one foot in front of each other to walk, I am using one day at a time to roll all of this up into a successful journey.

The plans are laid out for today and it's going to be another good one. I can be in total control today. Tomorrow will not be as easy, nor will the weekend but I can still have control over my actions. All I have to do is look back, see that I've done it before and have confidence in myself that it will be no different this time.


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