Tuesday, February 15, 2011

READY ... SET ... GO

I had an official weigh in at TOPS last night. We haven't met the last two weeks because of weather and the procrastinator inside of me couldn't get off of square one. I've felt like I've been running around in circles for weeks and couldn't even face the scales at home until last week and then only that one morning when I squinted to see the results. Last night I was down 1 1/2# and the circling has stopped and I am even facing in the right direction. I was never a big fan of rotaries. I am once again in the decade of the 70's. I seemed to have gotten a little too comfortable when I hit them last fall and it's time to forge ahead or down or whatever it takes to see results. I've been stuck too long or maybe it's better described as complacency.

I didn't stay for the meeting, only weighing in. Since it was Valentine's Day I wanted to go home and have dinner with my Sweetie. I stopped and got steaks and fixins' and we had a nice dinner together. Being the "old folks" that we are, though, I fell asleep watching TV after dinner. We had had a busy weekend, being out of town, and I guess it just caught up with me.

I'm searching out some new blogs to read. I would like to find someone that is starting out fresh to lose about the same amount as me. Last time I did that there was no stopping the lady I was reading and the pounds kept coming off and now she has no need to blog. She was an inspiration and I hope she continues to do well. For me, I'm just glad to get going again!

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Michele said...

Haven't stopped by for a while. Glad to see you are in a new decade. Keep your determination up. Michele