Monday, February 7, 2011

The Day I've Been Waiting For

Today is going great and it has nothing to do with weight. I am several hours into the day and there is no pain. I haven't taken any pain killers in a couple of days so I hope this means the nerve pain in my leg and the constant pain it has generated has run its course. It's about time. Five weeks and I was really starting to unravel, even with the drugs. I really emphathize with people that have to live with chronic pain. Not knowing if it was going to get any better would be devastating for me. It takes a toll on every bit of your being. Physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually to a point.

Just the thought of living a normal day or even what the day may throw at me gives me so much more energy. I feel I have more control and that I can fight whatever demons I need to and get this last half of my weight off. No more turning to food to relieve whatever was going on in my head.

I haven't been on the scales for awhile and I don't know what to expect tonight but right now that doesn't matter. I'm ready and willing to give it another go under my own power and my own determination.

Here I come ... watch out!

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Bernice said...

Oh what a wonderful blessing! Praise the Lord! Stay positive!