Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The "Why" Has It

Yesterday I was full of determination. I got up ready to face the world and what it had to offer. I knew there would be plenty of opportunities for me to take advantage. I had been too complacent the last couple of weeks and I wanted to see those scales move the next time I got on them ... really move.

Monday I carted my work-out clothes to work with me because the fire was starting to ignite then but I wondered if working out right before a weigh-in would have any bearing. I've heard muscles can retain water after exercising, so I decided not to chance it.

The company where I work has workout facilities. Do I take advantage of them ... mmm. I did when we first moved to our new building but just like anything else the excitement soon wore off. But are there reasons to take advantage of things around you, that can help you get where you're going. YOU BET! Why do I let these moments pass me by? I'm not looking at big chunks of time. I don't have time for that but with all the little bits of time here and there I'm wasting, I think 20 or 30 minutes just isn't that significant to make it an excuse. I brought my clothes again with me yesterday. I wasn't going to use all my lunch hour, just part of it. I did 10 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the treadmill. Was that enough to make any difference? The readout said I did burn some calories.

Was I done ... nope. I had put in some exercise for the day, although a small amount but I had another small block of time after I got home and there was no reason I couldn't go to the community center and workout before dinner. I'm very fortunate that since Gary retired he does most of the cooking, especially during the week. I don't have to rush home to make dinner so there is no reason why I shouldn't put in a little time at the gym in the evening.

It's not that I enjoy working out. I don't hate anything or anybody but exercise is just not one of the loves of my life. Maybe I could say it's one of those necessary evils like cleaning the toilet. Nothing glamorous or exciting about that, but it needs to be done. Anyway, even in short segments, it seems to help and I can push myself through those small blocks of time and not give up.


Carol said...

Good for you! I too am not fond of exercise but force myself to partake since I know it's a necessary ingredient in my quest for better health.--Carol

Bernice said...

Great Job! I'm proud of you! You are pushing through! I did my weight lifting yesterday. I only did it 1 time last week want to change that this week! Keep up the good work!

Ann (-25 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Okay, on this cold and damp day, you just inspired me to get out and move my be-hind. If you can squeeze in 10 minutes here and there, I have no excuses. I'm shamed into it ... I'll squeeze in a quick walk between rain clouds.

And yes, even 10 minutes can make a difference.

NAN said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I sat on my behind a lot today- drove 200 miles and worked a long day from 7 to 4. I did hit all the aisles at WalMart.

Tessa said...

I hate exercise of any kind but realize it is vital to being healthy. I started a couple of months ago going for a walk before I head off to work, usually 10 minutes. Then I walk on my coffee breaks at work. Before I know it I have got in 40 - 45 minutes of walking and I didn't think of it as exercise. I even think it is starting to make a difference as my clothes are fitting loser. 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there can make a difference.