Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Try, Try Again

My weigh-in last night showed me with a gain of one pound. My last gain was in August. I'm over it and ready to move forward. Lots of activities in the weeks ahead. In about 1/2 hour my department at work will be celebrating my birthday. I tried to get out of this by not being here on Friday but they moved it until today. I told the gal who has my name that I didn't want a dessert, she said something about fruit, so we'll see. I would have been happy with only my office decorated, but they didn't even do that ... that's okay, it nothing special anyway ... YES, it is. Just because I'm 61 doesn't mean that I'm not still like a kid excited about her birthday.

I have my annual physical tomorrow and I know the doc will probably say something. He's not one of those that only lectures you when you need to lose and doesn't say anything when you do. I'm sure he'll be happy about my weight and hopefully it will reflect in my bloodwork.

After the doctor, we will be on the road. Going to get away for a few days to celebrate my birthday. Like I did before, I plan on hitting the gym everyday while we're there and choose wisely at the buffet. I did it before. I'm getting in the right mindset to do it again.

The big problem that faces me is that I will not be weighing in for the next three to four weeks as we will be traveling every weekend, including Mondays between now and then and I won't be making my TOPS meetings. I will be using my home scales to be accountable and hopefully go back to TOPS with a loss.


Bernice said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a great day! And have a fun and safe trip! We will miss you!

NAN said...

I bet you will still be disciplined in your travels. Maybe bring food with you too- I just heard Dr Oz touting an apple before lunch as a way to save on calories- and order water with your meals. I always do that because I refuse restaurant diet drink prices! Happy birthday fellow scorpio.

Anonymous said...

Have a happy birthday and safe travels!

Looking forward to hearing all about your successes when you're back.

TinaM said...

Happy Birthday!
I would have never guessed your age, I can only hope to look as good as you when I'm 61!

You're right, that little gain is over with and it's on to the future.

Have a great time!

Tammy said...

There is NO way you are 61!!! You're just trying to make the rest of us feel better, lol...you look GREAT! I read your last couple of posts...I hope you're feeling better today and good job on getting to the late Zumba class. I tried that once. I've got way too many fat rolls hanging off of me to every make that kind of racket again in a class like that, lol...good for you!!! I hope you have a fabulous time on your weekend away...Happy Birthday to you! :)

Karyn said...

Hope you had a fantastic birthday!! Have safe travels and a great time of celebration!!