Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Victorious and Exhausted

Yesterday being the first day back entirely on plan, I felt I did quite well. Maybe I should say back on plan with eating as I did not exercise. It does seem like I'm starting completely over because in the very beginning I did not exercise right away. That does not mean I am not moving and just vegging out in front of the TV. I feel I am keeping quite active but noticed I'm very tired. I also noticed that trend when I first started slashing at the calories and eliminating junk ... maybe it's just a good sign that my body is making some adjustments and I will begin to see some results.

I had no problem with cravings or desires until evening and of course it was all in my mind ... AGAIN. We went to Applebee's for dinner and I got their Asian Crunch Salad listed in their "UNDER 550 CALORIE" menu. I had had an Asian Salad there before but this was new and for my taste quite disappointing. It just wasn't very flavorful. My mind was working in the same way when it wants what it wants ... it wasn't satisfied so it wanted something else. Gary offered me some of his steak but ... no, I had to work on the discipline. POPCORN ... POPCORN. Having some 94% fat free popcorn when I got home wouldn't throw me off plan, would it? Ooops, there's still some candy left over from Halloween (that stuff should have been thrown out weeks ago) ... no I've got to get through the first day with some discipline. Weighing ... yes weighing. I've got to weigh which is the most important satisfaction ... satisfying a food desire or satisfying the desire to lose those extra pounds and the snowball effect of losing.

When we got home I had to get the rest of the Christmas decorations out of the storage tubs to finish decorating before we leave for Maryland tomorrow. After I did that I don't know whether it was being too tired or too lazy, I didn't make it into the kitchen. I just fell asleep on the couch and finally made it upstairs to bed without any snacking.


Life as a Caterpillar said...


Celebrate the small acheivements!



NAN said...

You did it!!! I took my client to Applebees for a farewell lunch yesterday and had the pineapple/apple salad with blackened chicken- not bad but the bill was $30 with tip and I drank water (she had a small steak, baked potato, and tea)! I so wasted that money- oh well, first time I've eaten out since the end of August. Turkey soup is simmering now and smells delicious. Enjoy your visit with your son and family.