Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Feeling It

Yesterday was a real busy day and I couldn't find time to do any blogging, even though I had a lot to talk about. We had our annual staff meeting yesterday at work where we honor staff with service awards. It is my responsibility to organize, set-up and purchase the awards. Yesterday, I was busy making nametags, purchasing refreshments and supervising the room set-up as well as attending the meeting and also making 100 brownie sundaes, scooping out the ice cream . If I couldn't eat 'em, at least I could make 'em and inhale the aroma.

When I left this blog, my last entry was about getting in touch with all of my emotions not just the bad but also the good. Being able to express myself more openly and find the "JOY". Gary and I went on a wine trail event on Saturday, visiting four wineries where they were also providing samples of food that were made with wine. Don't get ahead of me ... the wine didn't bring out the exuberance in me. When we first started out on our adventure, we were going down this country road and I said "Woo--Hoo, we're gonna, have a great day." I guess I said it too loud, or too shrieky cause Gary said "do you wnat me to have a wreck" ... he thought something was wrong on the road. When I 'splained it to him, he was okay and we talked about being in a good mood, being happy, being blessed that we could do all we do. I may have acted a little silly at times on Saturday, but you know what ... when I did, it put a smile on my face. We also stopped at a Riverboat Casino where we both played the penny slots together and had a ball ... I let myself go and screamed when I thought I was getting close to hitting a bonus spin and again had fun. I only ended up winning fifteen cents but felt like I had won fifteen hundred dollars by the time we got home which was pretty late.

Fast forward or I guess it's really back it up until Sunday. We went to noon mass and Gary asked if I wanted to go to Jockomo's for lunch. I love their spinach salad and we used to travel about 60-90 minutes roundtrip to visit this pizza place. They have now opened a restaurant five minutes from our house. The thing is, as I have written before, I don't like to eat salad the day before I weigh in because it tends to make me hold water. At first, I asked if we could go somewhere else but I stopped myself and said I've tried really hard this week and I'm sure I'm losing, if I do have a gain at TOPS, I'll know it's from water weight and that won't stop me. I had my salad and one slice of pizza and I felt great. We both decided we'd eat light at dinner. The result at my weigh-in last night ???? ... it didn't affect my weigh-in. Maybe it's a salad made with iceberg lettuce that holds water and spinach salad doesn't have the same effect because I lost two pounds. I am now at 30 pounds lost and it feels great. WOO-HOO .... yes, WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!

One thing I forgot to mention was when we went out on Saturday, I put on a pair of black jeans. Like with some jeans that tend to stretch out a little after you first put them on ... well, we did quite a bit of walking and it wasn't too long before they were like the pants in the song "pants on the ground" hanging around my butt cheeks and I was constantly having to pull them up. I'm starting to see results. YEAH-YEAH-YEAH!


NAN said...

Yay for Mensa! I can read that good mood- amazing what a good weigh-in and great weekend will do for ya! I am feeling quite lazy today and a bit hungry so I am headed off for some outlet window shopping. You are definitely on your way, sister!

Bernice said...

WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! and YEAH YEAH! You go girl!! You are getting it done!! Its so hard to get back on the wagon but you did it! (:

Tessa said...

So glad that you had an awesome weekend. And your weigh in was fantastic. I think sometimes if we stop stressing we stop eating and that is so much better for us. Good job!!!