Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to the Basics

You know better, you prepare, you have all this support out there and then you kick yourself for not following through. The scales are up this morning and it's really no surprise. On the heels of vacation came Thanksgiving with a couple of celebrations and the few days prior to that I was fighting some sort of malady I returned from vacation with and my guard was down ... no exercise, no control over eating, no discipline, so obviously no loss.

It's all behind me now and I was glad to get on the scales this morning to have a new beginning. Not that it is going to get any easier. We're leaving for Maryland on Wednesday to visit the kids but I will be under control and drink lots of water on the trip. Something else that I've been slacking on.

While I am starting over, I still am happy with my success. I have to use that as a stepping stone to convince myself while it's a long hard road, there is much to benefit from. I'm starting to see a small change and don't want to give that up. It gives me desire to want more and I don't want to lose that confidence to believe in myself.


TinaM said...

I'm with you.
Mine wasn't even so much Thanksgiving- but AFTER, I started doing worse!
No excuses, just overeating and no self control- EXACTLY.

What ever little bit you may have gained, it doesn't ruin all that you've accomplished. It's just a minor set back, but you're attitude puts you back on track already!
(Now, I need to go look in the mirror and give myself the same advise lol.)

NAN said...

Starting over can be a good thing! I am writing down everything today; I have been maintaining again and I want a permanent loss. We can do it!!! I want to be really busy this week- that helps me.