Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy New Year

I want to thank everyone for my birthday wishes. I gave given myself a very valuable gift today with the weight that I have left behind. There is less of me but in the same token so much more. More seft worth, self confidence, self esteem. I am FULL of life. I am truly blessed with good health and a loving family and I hope to have a better attitude from this point going forward. There are so many things to be thankful for and I plan to open my eyes to them every day.

I do feel that I've come quite a distance. I was somewhat frustrated yesterday. I was very conscious of my behavior yesterday and kept fighting all the excuses that could be used to overeat. By our evening meal, I was tried of fighting and decided to let myself go. As I stood in front of the dessert table at the buffet, that little voice in my head .... remember that little voice that seems to torment us sometime .... surely you too have listened to it many times???? Well, that little voice was saying. Look around, is there anything that great or that you can't live without. Is there anything that is there TODAY that is worth the questions you are going to ask yourself tonight when you lie you head on the pillow. I stood there like I was frozen in time and finally answered myself ... no, not TODAY and walked back to our table.

This morning I slept in or at least it felt like it. There's an hour difference in time where we are. I didn't make it to the gym yesterday as we were just getting settled and our schedule was somewhat irractic. We did do a surmountable amount of walking though. However, this morning I being determined to give myself the best year of my life going forward, I hit the gym. 45 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the treadmill. That's the first time for today ... I'm not giving up hope that I will go back because the gym is open until 11:00 p.m.

I don't know how often I'll be able to blog on this trip as there is not wifi in the room. I have to go to the lobby and it just depends on our schedule. Did you know that the percentages for success go up tremendously if you give yourself credit for how far you've come. There's something to say for confidence. Hold up your head and move forward.

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TinaM said...

Good job on resisting temptation at the buffet! I also went to a buffet... I did NOT do well, and I payed for it today!
Next time I'm going to do exactly what you said, look around and ask myself those important questions!

You're doing great!