Saturday, November 6, 2010

I love Friday since I only have to work until noon but it seemed to drag yesterday. I guess I was excited about having lunch with a friend I haven't seen for awhile. She had just returned from Rome and I was anxious to hear about her trip and get caught up in general. We had lunch at a quaint restaurant and both of us chose the 1/2 sandwich and soup. We spent a couple hours just chatting and it made me realize the importance of friends.

I had to make a stop on the way home to pick up some awards for our staff meeting on Monday and of course it was way out of the way on an opposite side of town. I couldn't believe that it was almost 4:00 when I got home. So much for getting anything done on my afternoon off but it was nice to have a "me" afternoon. I still intended on going to Zumba but thought ... it's going to be harder because of not being able to go last week. I also remember the episode with the light headedness and dizzyness and decided to have some nuts and a banana on my way and made sure I took water. When I got to the rec center, I was the first one there and while talking to the instructor learned that I was in an intermediate class. Why that should make a difference I don't know, but I thought wow, I'm almost keeping up and it's more than a beginner's class. I was just proud of myself for that ... don't know why. I still had some weird sensations and had to stop in the middle of step sometimes ... but don't want to give this up. Something is pushing me to continue Zumba.

Last night while watching "What Not To Wear", there was a scene when the gal that was getting a makeover came into the room dressed beautifully and her friends and family were screaming and clapping. Gary said why do girls scream. I couldn't answer that question, because for some reason I've never done that. I don't tend to get overly excited about anything. Why ... do I also suppress my emotions when I'm happy or excited. I'm told alot to "smile" ... do I need to question getting in touch with my emotions ... will I be happier then? I'm pleased with my life. I'm content with my life. I AM happy, but do I feel really joy. Is joy letting out those emotions. They say when you look good, you feel good. When you let it out do you feel the joy.

I don't know how this post ended up with this but I guess I needed to write about it. Gary and I are going out and do a lot of things today. Things that can be a lot of fun. We'll see if I get in tune with my emotions.


Tessa said...

It's hard to get in touch with our emotions. I do recall the odd time I have let out litte squeals (not screams), birth of a grandbaby, children getting engaged, and sometimes just
because something made me happy. I also can cry at the drop of a bucket, either because I am happy or sad. I think mostly I am a crier, it's just my style. I hope you had a great day and did lots of fun things that made you express your emotions.

NAN said...

Aww I never get real excited myself but the upside is I don't get depressed or blue often. I cry when I see sad movies though! I have been grazing too much lately and this week, I'm going to be more like I was in the beginning. Maybe that is your answer too- plan, write down everything pertinent and really make good food and exercise (you already do!) choices. I'm actually going to roast a turkey soon- no sides though heehee (just hopefully nice moist white meat).