Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Here

Back from our trip and the scale didn't go crazy so I'm okay with that. I think I maintained but can never be sure with the home scale. Not feeling all that great physically and the mental part has shifted as well. I'm not overeating but it just seems harder and more of a fight.

When I talked to my son on my birthday he mentioned that they are going back to DisneyWorld in October when they have their Half Marathon. Erick, Kim and our oldest grandson, Brandon are planning on running in it. I told him maybe I should consider it, as well. Could I really run ... I think I could walk but don't know about running? If it could become a reality ... I guess I better start training, huh?


Gertie said...

glad to hear the scale didn't go crazy on your return. :) I say go for the running! You can do anything you decide to do.. and having a set goal may make the mental part of all of this easier..

TinaM said...

Sorry you're not feeling you best, maybe it's something in the air! Seems to be going around... hang in there! You're doing great :)

A marathon! Wow that would be cool :) Keep us posted!!!

NAN said...

I've had a little struggle myself with food- too much of it around here! Running? Good for you- I have absolutely zilch interest in it LOL. I do love Disney World though.