Friday, November 12, 2010


Here it is Friday again and I'm tired. It was a late night last night and from 7:00 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. in heels wore me out -- but my calves look good. Yep, I walked at the mall on my lunch hour like I had planned, doing a little window shopping and people watching as I went along. We had an event to go to last night and it was rush home, pick up Gary and we were off. A new Performing Arts Building in the area is opening in January and they had a "Tuning Of the Hall" last night. Several music jaundras are playing between now and then to help adjust and tweak the sound and acoustics. Our nephew plays in a Billy Joel tribute band and they were fortunate to be the first group to play inside this building prior to opening to the public in January. As the evening went on, they sounded really good.

Yesterday I failed to eat breakfast. Did you hear there's a new study out where they're questioning eating breakfast if you're not hungry. I still think you need it, but no cereal in the cupboard and no time for much else and my usually rush, rush, rush in the morning made me do without. I just had a "Smart Ones" at lunch and 1/2 sandwich and soup for dinner before the show, so I believe my points were on the low side yesterday or would have been if I hadn't got into the nuts when I got home. Nuts are one of those things that I play over in my head as a good nutritious snack full of protein. It gives me the false feeling of security. I need to remember you can get too much of a good thing. But, they're gone now and there won't be any in the house until our next party which is our annual Reunion Committee Christmas party on December 11.

This weekend is packed with activities. That being said I know there will be food temptations but I feel I'm far enough into my program that I am confident that I know how to handle them. I will continue to fill up on water and use portion control, if I feel myself wavering.


Tammy said...

Oh I can't keep any nuts in my house, lol....I can eat a whole can in one sitting w/o even realizing it!!! And yes, t.g.i.f.! :)

Gertie said...

yep. Nuts are crazy for me too. The only ones I can keep in the house are walnuts.. I don't tend to go overboard with them! If there are salted cashews.. watch out! good job on walking on your lunch hour!