Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Out of Sorts

My blog timing is all out of whack. I usually blog in the morning and report on my previous day. Sometimes I'd do this before I leave for work in the morning, at morning break or the latest on my lunch hour. Since the weekend my schedule is all screwed up. Does it make any difference ... surely not but I don't like getting out of the habit of doing something because when you get out of the habit things start to slide. How many time have you started a exercise regimen and took a day off for no good reason, saying I'll do it tomorrow. Same thing with falling off the wagon and saying I'll start again tomorrow and for some reason tomorrow never comes. It seems like it takes a lot longer to get back to a habit than it does creating that habit. Gary is gone this evening so I'm alone and now is a good time for me to write a little until I get back on schedule tomorrow.

There is really nothing different going on in my life to write about but I think it's important to check in at least five times a week ... I would like to check in on all seven days but weekends can some times be challenging.

I came home from work tonight, changed clothes and headed to the gym. I was hoping to exercise at work but my day didn't start on the right foot. I overslept (first time I've done that in years) and rushed out of the house, leaving some important bills that needed to be put in the mail today so I had Gary meet me for lunch and there went my workout time. I had a good workout at the gym tonight though and the machines said that I burned 500 calories. Mmmmm, 500 huh? There's still a bowl of halloween candy on the table in the entryway. Are you kidding me ... I'd rather have a glass of milk with my chili or some crackers in it.

Okay, that it ... oh, maybe not. I'm busy at work with Christmas party prep. We're going to play a family feud game and I need some questions answered to get a consensus. You know where they say "100 people were surveyed". Well I need 100 people. If you're interested email me at the email address in the sidebar. You and 20 of your closest friends :) Thanks.


Bernice said...

Family Fued is one of my all time favs! Count me in for sure!! Good for you 500 cals!!

Karyn said...

Way to ignore the bowl of candy, Sheilah! You seem like you're in a great zone. So happy for you!

Tessa said...

I hope you get your groove back soon. Routines are wonderful but if you break them it takes forever to get back on track. I agree with the blogging a few times a week. For me it keeps me accountable. I try to do it everyday and can most days except for Monday's. That is my TOPS night and I find it hard to get everything done for the meeting that I have to do and blog as well. I think we have to do what we can and others will have to understand and respect out decision. You sound like you are super busy right now and I wish you luck with all that you have to do, especially the family fued game.