Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Right On

I was right about my weigh-in and having a gain but it wasn't bad as I thought it could be. I gained 1/2#. I started to say "only" 1/2# but I needed to work on my thinking as "only" implies that it's okay and it's not.

We had a speaker after the business part of the meeting. It was our Area Captain, Connie Crane. She did a program on stress and I didn't get too much out of it. Seems like I've heard it all before but I've got to keep my mind open.

I was right on with my points yesterday and felt very proud of my accomplishment. We went to McAllister's for dinner after the meeting and I was carefully looking over the menu to see what choice I should make when Darlene pointed out the under 500calorie menu. I ended up geting the turkey melt and chef salad. It was very satisfying and I'll remember this the next time I go to McAllister.

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