Monday, June 21, 2010


The original title of this blog was "New in 2009". It was all a lie. There was nothing new about 2009. It started the same way and ended the same way, as far as weight loss efforts go. The start was gung ho ... nothing can stop me and it ended with another year of fighting the battle but by year end the war continued to rage on.

My last post was this same week last year; and after just weighing myself, I find the number on the scale was the same as well. I will no doubt be weighing in tonight at TOPS with another gain. But when I step off that scale tonight, things will change. In fact, they have already changed and week by week, I am confident I will see more evidence of that change.

I decided to give myself a new start. I am worth the effort. I deleted all entries from the past and wiped the slate clean. My new found motivation has been due to a number of things. The motivation to attempt blogging again came from Stephanie. She now has a blog called. "I'M MY FAVORITE". She writes so well and since I can relate to her entries, I thought I would pick up my blog again. It has always helped to keep a journal and that's when I find I'm the most successful. So this blog will be one of the tools in what I call my "Keep Believing" kit.

Two weeks ago, I hosted a mini-retreat and the theme was "DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR". I wanted to touch on emotional eating and those voices in your head that were at odds and pull you in so many directions. I did a lot of research and pulled theories and ideas from many websites. Our discussions opened up a lot of soul searching and I came away with a different perspective on what emotions were and the way I dealt with them. This material and knowledge also goes into my kit.

I am going to start counting "Weight Watchers Points" again. When I was successful in the past, this was one of the reasons. I designed and printed out a worksheet to help me track ... put it in the kit!

I know that I will be adding items as I make my way on this journey but now I feel that I at least have some direction as I head out ... I'm on my way!

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