Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things usually work out

It helped yesterday taking a walk to pick up lunch. Walking always seems to clear my mind and I do some of my best thinking then, as well. It is also a good escape rather than digging into some decatant dessert or fat laden snack. I weighed in at TOPS with a three pound loss and was very happy and very proud that I did so well my first week in. I hope the chapter had a good night too. I didn't stick around, as I had a date with my family at Johnny Carino's. Dinner was ordered before I got there. It was discount platter night and we were having three different ones. Chicken Parm; Spaghetti and Meatballs and Grilled Lemon Chicken. I had a caesar salad and the grilled chicken and felt very satisfied. We came home and had some time together before Stephanie had to get the kids home and to bed so they'd be ready for another day at camp.

I remembered today not to leave any question unanswered. I asked Gary this morning if he had talked to Kim about going to Chicago's for lunch and he said he hadn't and would let me know. No call, so at 11:00 I called him to see what was up ... no more assuming. I've learned that it makes an ASS U ME. I got there right after the Summers minus one got there. I started out with a salad and probably got carried away having 3 slices of pizza but I could have been worse and the slices was on the small side, so maybe I was okay if I ate sensibly at dinner.

I announced I was cooking tonight and decided on pork chops. Everyone seem to enjoy dinner, especially the kids which made Grammie feel good. I posted on Facebook this morning that it was going to be a wonderful day with sunshine. The sunshine was in my heart and it continues to shine well into the night.

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