Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday I was just a little off. If I had to take back anything, it would be the handful of cashews I ate after dinner. We had sort of a low-cal dinner, smoked sausage and green beans and my points prior to dinner were about 9. But, I wasn't satisfied and that's why the cashews. They were out on the counter for me to see and that was a mistake. Later, Gary came in with an apple and reminded me that's what I should of snacked on initially. I've got to get more fruits and veggie's available for moments like those. I did eat an apple and it was pretty tasty and I was okay the rest of the evening.

Today I'm stressed out and emotional. I've hung in there with my food choices which really amazes me. Gary had a doctor's appointment this morning because he's still not recovered from the fatigue and exhaustion he suffered on the Niagara. I'm sure everything is okay and it's just going to take awhile, but with health issues my mind runs wild. They did an EKG which came out okay and also did some blood work which the results should be back on Friday. I just thought once he was home, things would be back to normal and a little easier for me to cope and work on my emotion strategy for a newer, happier me ... but I find things aren't normal and I seem to be a mess. I've got to remain positive and do what I need to do and not retreat into a lazy stupor.

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