Friday, June 25, 2010

Adjusting the Sails

I read a quote yesterday that I kinda liked. "Is the glass half empty, half full or as twice as large as it needs to be?" It's a common rule that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But that's math not life. Just because you set a goal, doesn't mean that it's going to be accomplished in your original time frame. There are circumstances that may aid or hider you. More often than not when I've set out to do something, I'm faced with a situation that wasn't in the game plan. They say it's important to define goals but I find that's it's also important to rework those goals when you face a roadblock.

Yesterday I thought quite a bit about our budget and finding some way that we could still take that July vacation. I'm sure Gary learned about readjusting the sails in his training and I needed to learn that too instead of pulling out the anchor and preventing myself from going anywhere. I came to terms with the negative emotions I was feeling enough to understand what I needed to do instead of being paralyzed by them as I have so often done in the past.

Patience can sometimes solve problems or at least make you realize they're not always these huge obstacles that put a stop to your dreams. Just like looking at objects from a distance and they appearing to look smaller, it can be the same with those situations we face. I need to remember to give myself some time and not jump to the first conclusion. There may be another way to achieve that goal. If you want something bad enough, you find a way. Also, like the quote said ... maybe the glass can be a little smaller and you still get what you want.

I figured that we can cut the cost of a vacation in half by doing a camping vacation. It has been years since we had this type of adventure. I talked to Gary last night and he wasn't very receptive but seemed to have a change of heart later in the evening. We are going to plan this together and I am going to pull out our album from our Connecticut camping trip to remind him of the fun we had.

Fortunately, through the last couple of days, I've been able to control my eating and not let excuses invade my ability to see the scales do a nose dive on Monday. I now have something to steer me full steam ahead, my emotions are back in check. Today is payday and our budget is a little more healthy, vacations plans are back on track and I just heard from Gary that the blood tests came back with everything in the normal range, so no worries ... well, unless I let them in and if they do creep in, I can look at them for what they are and adjust the sails.

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