Saturday, June 26, 2010

Check it Off

Goals are important. But I've decided that long term goals are less effective than short terms one. I guess that's why they say to break your goals down into segments. I would really like to achieve my weight loss goal at my birthday in November, but I'm not putting that in writing or even attempting to achieve it by then. I'm afraid if I start crunching the numbers and see that I have to be at a certain weight by the end of next month and I'm four pounds short, it will sabatoge me. For me long term goals are distracting and for now I will only focus on a goal that can be completed in a span of 24 hours. As I left work on yesterday and ready to start my weekend, there were some thing that I wanted to accomplish when I got home, i.e. goals. I took care of two but didn't quite accomplish the third, so it went back on my list for today. I felt good that I had about a 90% success rate and confident that I would finish what I started yesterday but if I didn't, I'd still be ahead of the game and have another day to finish the task.

This morning, I added walking to my goal list. They say goals are suppose to be specific, but for me it was just to get out and walk. I could have said at 9:00 a.m., I am going to set out and walk. What would happen if something prevented me from going out at 9:00, would it allow that gremlin in my emotional pschye to say you didn't make it ... sorry, it's a done deal. The fact is that I walked twice, which was really more than I anticipated by going out once in the morning and once in the evening. Today was a good day and I accomplished more than I set out to do.

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