Monday, February 11, 2013


I didn't take the time to post yesterday.  We packed up after breakfast at the hotel and headed home after a relaxing weekend.  Well, it was for me anyway ... I needed to get away from it all and I believe it helped.  Saturday morning I used the workout room.  The first time this year that I did any type of structured exercise.  I got on the bike and it didn't take long to wonder if I could even make it to 10 minutes.  I then got out my Kindle and the focus was on it, instead of 1 minute, 2 minutes, geez this is taking forever ... 3 minutes.  I rode for 30 minutes.

My afternoon was spent at the mall shopping with the wife of Gary's co-instructor.  I then realized how out of shape I was.  Shopping was tiring with all the walking.  That has NEVER happened before.  When we stopped for lunch, having Chinese, I oped just to have fried rice with no entree.  I was saving my calories for dinner.  We were going to a steakhouse we had discovered last year.

When Kim and I got back to the hotel, the guys were back from teaching and in the jacuzzi down at the pool.  I had brought my suit but even though the hot bubbly water would have felt good on my back, I didn't want to bare myself where you could see all my flaws ... like you can't see them in jeans and sweater.  Maybe next time, but right then I was feeling pretty self conscious.

Dinner was good but it's funny how you build things up in your mind and then it's a little disappointing when reality hits.   Like I said, it was good but not as good as I had remembered from the year before.  Maybe it would have been better with the hot bread that I refrained from or if I had had a dreamsicle like Gary had.  

I really didn't want to go straight home.  We talked about a movie, but the timing wasn't right.  I was probably better off not going to a movie because I know I'd be into the popcorn.  We stopped for lunch and got home around 2:00.  I immediately unpacked and started the washer.  Back into the thralls of normalcy.  I'd already had my excitement for the weekend.

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