Saturday, February 9, 2013


Yesterday morning I knew I should have gotten up earlier but on these winter mornings when it's dark out and the blanket and comforter make it so much cozier, it's hard.  It seems like everything is hard.  I did manage to roll out of bed on the second snooze alarm which gave me enough time to throw things into a bag for our trip.  Gary would be picking me up at the office when I got off at noon and if I forgot something ... oh well.

On the drive to work we had talked about where to stop for lunch because once you got out of the city, the choices were limited.  Although we basically decided on what area of town to stop, our decision was made for us.  My boss called and asked me to pick him up something from the deli.  I told him that I didn't have the car today, but Gary could grab us all something on the way in.  He said if it wasn't that much trouble, that'd be fine.  The trouble wasn't with the inconvenience of stopping, it was what I normally ordered from Shapiro's.  Burger on bun and mac 'n cheese.  They have the BEST mac 'n cheese.  That's what I REALLY wanted and I thought ... what makes this so hard.  Just get a serving of mac 'n cheese and be satisifed with that WITHOUT the burger.  You know ... my inner voice was right for once.  That's what I got and I enjoyed it without any guilt of overeating at lunch.

We were then on our way to Illinois.  We were staying at a Drury Inn where they have "ALL THE EXTRA WITHOUT THE EXTRA PRICE".  For 90 minutes in the evening they treat their guests to three alcoholic beverages plus warm food.  It used to be just snacks and veggies but I guess to compete with other hotels, you can now actually make this little reception your place for dinner.  Gary said that's what the other couple we were with planned on doing.  I tried to choose wisely staying away from the hotdogs and chips and filling up on salad before I had small servings of some other things.  I may have overdone it but I still felt good about being better than I would have a couple of days prior.  For me, it was a start.

We sat around and talked and because of Illinois being on central time, we turned in kinda early.  When I got back to the room while Gary read, I got out my Kindle to which I had downloaded a Zumba clip from YouTube.  I could only do about five minutes but it was another start.  Maybe I'd hit the workout room in the morning.

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