Thursday, February 14, 2013


Yesterday was just an ordinary day.  Nothing really to write home about.  Being Ash Wednesday, I had my food limited to meatless meals.  I tried to think what I would sacrifice for the next six weeks and nothing came to mind.  Correction, some things came to mind, but did I really want to or think I could refrain from those things.  Maybe chocolate, maybe candy ... but not bread like I did last year, although I ought to.

I backslid into my habit of vegging out on the couch when I got home from work.  Yes, it's still winter and winter has this side effect for me.  I need a different prescription and I hope I can hang on for a few weeks until it arrives.  I know talk is cheap but I'm sure that pill of spring will help me turn things around by at least being a little more active.

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NAN said...

Mensa, POST! You always are such an inspiration- you will think you've gained but still hang in and get weighed regardless. I will starve myself for 2 days because I can't face a gain and that is NOT good. Then I eat in excess to make up for the starving! You don't do that and as Mom used to say, you face the music! I hope you are feeling better.