Friday, February 8, 2013


Yesterday didn't have a ton of excitement but it was still a good day.  It's still very slow at work but I kept myself busy, even doing a lot of clock watching.  I decided I was going to the mall on my lunch hour.  One of the stores had a big sale going on and it could be fun just looking through the racks.  It also meant that I would get some walking in ... I'm not exercising on a regular basis yet, so I try to grab a little here and there just to keep me moving.  I had bought a mustard colored jacket a couple of weeks ago and as I was going up the escalator, I saw a striped shirt that would go perfect with my new jacket and it was less than ten bucks, so I guess that was my excitement for the day.

Can annoying things be exciting too?  Yesterday I described exciting as something different, something that doesn't happen every day.  Well our email got hacked and I'm glad that's not an everyday thing because it's a hassle and so frustrating when you're trying to fix something that you don't know that much about.  Why do people get such a thrill from screwing things up for somebody else.  Our son said all we need to do is changed our password.  I'm not that computer literate but finally got that done but when more messages came in from bounced emails it just stuck in my crawl and toyed with my positive way of thinking.  I'm trying to remember the adage about acting instead of reacting. 

Gary tried a new recipe for dinner.  It was a pork dish that had portebello mushrooms in it.  He called me to ask about another ingredient (green peppers) and I said to leave it out because I really don't like the aftertaste it leaves.  Maybe it would have helped because even with a sauce, it was kind of bland but still okay.  It kept me from going back for seconds though.  

We're headed out of town for the weekend and I should have packed last night but fell asleep watching "Elementary" and had to get up earlier this morning.  I wish I was a morning person but at my age, I don't think that will ever happen.

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NAN said...

Oh no about the email hacker! I just made a new dish too and it won't be repeated- something with shrimp. My job is never boring- I have a crisis going on and have to meet with the team tomorrow. I don't mind since Saturdays aren't that special to me LOL. Have fun on your trip and here's to good food choices for us both.