Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yes, I am ... I want to find that drive again ... the fun of the challenge ... the feeling I'm part of a team but when you fall behind, the stamina slips and you start feeling defeated.  It's all attitude and for me I need to swing over to the see the light and want it bad enough again ... it'll happen but patience has never been my friend.  Is it better to start every day and fail or wait until the timing is right to get some consistency or is there even a right answer?


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NAN said...

I think as long as you never give up the battle you'll be fine. I slip up a lot but I am determined to lose weight and maintain my good health. I try to move everyday but I truly don't believe exercise is the answer to me- I rarely sit for long periods and am up and down all day. I think healthy foods and portion control are what I need to strive for. Everyone has to figure it out for themselves though.