Tuesday, February 12, 2013


For a Monday, I felt pretty good when I got up.  I showered and got dressed in a pant suit that felt really loose around the waist and in the thighs.  I was feeling good about the weekend and cutting things out that I usually have.  I really felt that it was worth it.

I headed downstairs and was ready to face the scales.  I had been keeping a log on the notepad on the refrigerator so there wouldn't be any guessing.  When I got on the scale Friday, I thought ... darn, I've gained a little but immediately thought ... I can turn that around over the weekend and at least stay the same on the scales Monday.  But, when I went to the notepad, it showed I had lost because I forgot where I was the time before.  Good move on writing it down.

I really did paying attention over the weekend and I even worked out.  A little bit of zumba from UTube in the room on Friday night and a whole 30 minutes on the bike in the workout room on Saturday PLUS all the walking we did while shopping.  I was pretty confident.

SHOT DOWN.  The scales were back up and now I didn't even know if I'd have a turtle at TOPS because there were a several numbers on my pad but I didn't know which one was from last Monday.  I knew it'd be close.

My last gain was the week before Christmas and my streak ran out a lot sooner than I hoped.  I gained 3/4# last night.  It's not huge and I'm sure if I work really hard or maybe even just a little harder I'll have a good loss next week.  I could analyze it this way and that ... last Tuesday was when I had a CODE RED day with snacking.  I was completely out of control and felt helpless.  I don't feel that way now and a small gain will not make me go back to that dark place.  I'm pulling my boot straps up and DOING what I need to do.

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