Saturday, December 4, 2010

What could be better?

I'm sitting here with a blanket wrapped around me listening to Christmas music with sounds of children playing in the background as I catch up on my book "Deliver us from Evil". A much needed slower pace. It will revitalize me upon our return to Indiana on Monday and all the activities at work and home I'm facing, including 3 parties, 2 school programs, shopping and probably weather, in the next couple of weeks. I always get a late start on my shopping but am way behind this year since I haven't even started yet. At times I seem to thrive under pressure ... hope I can hold it together this time.

Doing okay away from home with the eating. I'm definitely using portion control and hoping to hold my own. Getting down on the floor playing with the kids will have to serve as exercise or maybe getting up off the floor is THE exercise. I felt pretty guilty this morning when I found out that my DIL was at the gym ... not because I wasn't but because I was in bed asleep while she was. I'm really taking advantage of sleeping in while I can.

I did weigh on their scales the morning after we got here (on Thursday). I know every scale is different and I really didn't get on them to see what I weighed but to gauge what I'm doing while I'm here. I was down yesterday morning and this morning I didn't weigh ... I'll probably wait and weigh on Monday before we leave and see just how much of those portions I controlled.


Debbie said...

I am just starting my shopping so I understand striving under pressure. Enjoy your trip..

NAN said...

Glad you're enjoying yourself! December is always such a busy month but I love it and then 2 of my kids were born in January. It was 74 here yesterday; I got all my outside work done and lights up. I hope you get good news on the scale.